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    Minigame Take a Good Look! Investigators will need to have at least 3 hearts to fulfill this goal. However, the mini games can all be figured out, so this is not a real deal breaker casino parkerlane for. View Level 26 Mouse Location Dont assist anyone for 20 seconds. I'm glad I did anyway. Level 7 Stand still for 30 seconds. Download size: 715 MB, most Recent Reviews Rate this game. Parker Lane Criminal Justice Level 12 Level 13 Check the camera footage archives. View Level 12 Mouse Location Check if the security cameras are functioning. Upgrade the Police Station completely. The rest is smooth-sailing. During this time, you wont be able to bring any items to investigators, or the clock will reset. Dont worry these gestures are simple can be performed with a mouse or touchpad. Its the gesture that counts! Complete all story levels with all investigators leaving with 3 hearts or higher. View Level 20 Mouse Location Like previous shifts, todays goal is to put up the case file board. Once an investigator has been assigned to a marker and has completed their task, a! View Level 25 Mouse Location Search the trash and the mail at the crime scene in Logans house. If only 1 investigator is present and has already been assisted, wait for another to arrive and help them before returning to help the original investigator. Top notch Fully upgrade the Police Station.

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    Could it be one of the beat criminals victims. Levels 11 20 Level 11 Never run out of any restockable items. Even Carl the Mouse is curious about this investigation. Ve always been a fan of the Delicious series of TM games. Parker Lane Criminal Justice Challenge 12 Challenge 13 Investigators will change their orders. As fast as you can, its revealed in the, view Level 47 Mouse Location Its that time again. Iapos, parker Lane Criminal Justice Level 10 Chapter. Address investigators and pick up items in small batches to maximize the little energy you have.

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    Click and hold, keep track of which investigators youre assisting casino parkerlane and take extra care when picking up items. Throughout the day, level 50 Keep Stella from walking away. You can casino parkerlane still purchase upgrades with the coins that you earn. Below is a list of challenge levels you can unlock and tips and tricks on how to complete them. View Level 11 Mouse Location Todays challenge is to never run out of any restockable items. There are 2 areas of interest. View Level 44 Mouse Location Today your job is to interrogate Mrs. Moving it to the matching structure shape in red on the diagram. View Level 5 Mouse Location No one should leave angry today. Packages will arrive at the crime scene.

    The CE version would have to have more available, like we see in Delicious: Childhood Memories.Parker Lane Criminal Justice Minigame Find Fingerprints!